Dr. Ali Haider is a leading specialist in diabetic eye disease in the Louisville area. 


Diabetes affects not only your body, but possibly your eyes as well. It is very important for those diagnosed with diabetes to maintain annual eye exams, even if there is no vision loss yet. Diabetic Eye Disease is able to be monitored and treated by any eye doctor or eye specialist. Dr. Ali Haider and his team are one of the top ophthalmologist offices in the Louisville area to treat and monitor diabetic eye disease patients. Diabetic Eye Disease can include a few eye diseases including:

  1. Diabetic retinopathy 

  2. Diabetic macular edema

  3. Cataracts

  4. Glaucoma 


Excess blood sugar stemming from diabetes creates a high chance for a patient with diabetes to develop cataracts. When blood sugar rises, the lens of the cornea can swell which results in blurry vision. Patients with this issue are able to get cataract surgery, which is offered in-office here at Haider Eye Care. If you have diabetes and receive cataract surgery, it is vital to have your blood sugar regulated and under control to reduce the chances of complications after surgery.